Podgorica Refreshed V1.0

Download the scenery | Download DSC_Library

Podgorica has been somewhat of a weekend project of a one-man crew that quickly turned into ALES developer license demonstration! Most of the ground textures, although handplaced and “painted on” by developer are provided by the wonderful developer Pyreegue. Make sure to check out his sceneries and his payware products!

The first version features PBR textures , custommade objects by Gagos and Danilo Sukovic, custom placed forests and handpainted polygons. The edgelines were additionaly made to make the asphalt “pop-out” in a sort of a 3D illusion yet unseen in x-plane.


Making sceneries for free is a very cost demanding and any donation is appreciated and put into good use for even more freeware stuff! If you like our sceneries please consider a donation at https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/drbl1995


X-plane 11.41+
Note that this airport is made with 11.50 in mind and that in order to fully experience the textures you need to have texture-setting sett to Maximum and visual effects to HDR.


  • DSC_Library (ownmade library included within download)
  • Ruscenery
  • Handyobjectslibrary
  • 3D People library
  • OpenSceneryX library
  • R2_Library
  • MisterX library
  • BS2001 library
  • SAM (for marshalls)

Known issues

  • Terminal text has a flipped normal looking from the side of parkinglot. Unfortunately as the source files are unavailible the files cannot be edited and we are stuck as it is.
  • For some users, the bumpmaps/textures are lower res than they should be. To make it look like in the screenshots below you have to increase your texture and visual effects settings to HDR.


Developer: Dragoljub Blagojevic & Gagos

Special thanks to Danilo Sakovic & company for the buildings and other 3d objects included. They made the main terminal building and most of the custommade objects for this airport so all credit goes to them.

A very special thanks to Pyragee Dev. Co for allowing us to use the otherwise payware assets to make the ground look crispy as it is!

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