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A couple of years in the making and its finally almost out. You may ask why? It is simply due to missing baked night textures on buildings and apron however everything else is as should be and taxiways as well as runways have their neccessery lightning to conduct nighttime ops.


P3Dv4, P3Dv5

Known issues:

  • Feature: Missing apron + building night lights (the only feature missing to be counted as “full version”.
  • Bug: Club buildings on GA area are not rendered when viewed from some angles, it will take time to figure out why, however the airport is still fully usable.
  • Bug: Some tree textures have weird texture leftovers at the top.


Markus Bergström – the sole hero who improved on both the models and the ground textures from earlier versions. He also spearheaded the P3D version of umeå.
Dragoljub Blagojevic – 3D
Daniel Martinsson – 3D
Anders Högqvist – Kolbacksbridge
Lennart Arviddson & the gang- Landclass data

4 thoughts on “ESNU Umeå P3D

    1. Njah, tyvärr är jag nog färdig med allt vad P3D innebär pga. Dåliga utvecklar verktyg

      Umeå blir den sista

      Du är varmt välkommen att kika in på vår xplane sortiment


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